Ask For a Miracle


We hear or read about miracles happening to other people all the time or just watch ‘It’s a miracle’ on TV!

Why not YOU? 

 When three doctors diagnosed me with cancer — I asked for A MIRACLE.  When I couldn’t get a job and had to go on welfare for the third time —  I asked for a miracle!  When I had advanced liver disease, and the doctor said it’s likely I would die of it — I asked for a miracle.

Ask For a miracle of your own.

In our mind is a creative device capable of bringing pain, misery and poverty.  — “This same creative force is also capable of bringing healing, prosperity and miracles. “

In Make Miracles Happen I Share:

How I beat cancer.

How I came from being drug addicted, to dubbed “America’s leading playwright of the streets” by the New York Times.” – Fame

How I came from being on welfare for the third time to becoming financially independent. – Fortune

How I healed a chronic back problem, hepatitis C and survived post-traumatic stress disorder.

But most importantly…

How I conquered the fear of death and gained Peace Of Mind through Visionizing®.

For thousands of years, Visionizing® has proven to be a source of life changing “miracles” for millions of people all over the world.    

Allow me to guide you through the 3 miracle-provoking exercises so you can make miracles happen in Your Life.

The first miracle provoking exercise requires that you get “in touch” with your inner self whether that be by meditation, prayer, walking, etc. – whatever stimulates your creative mind, putting you in a place of peace and tranquility.

 Once you attain that “state of mind”, go one step further and imagine the perimeter of your body expanding into the totalness of the entire universe.

 In the first person think, ‘my powerful and magnificent body cells are expanding into the powerful and magnificent stars of the universe’!


 My glands, muscles, organs, bones and systems are transforming into  galaxies and solar systems.   

 Scientists have recognized similarities that exist in your body and the body of the outer universe.

WE are the objective observer.  Please think along with me now.  ‘My trillions of body cells have become stars.  My liver —the Milky Way!  I am free of all fear.’

Experience being the objective observer with your entire mind body, now expanded to include the universe, pulsating to the beat of your heart.  Scientists tell us the entire universe pulsates.

In your objective observer mind’s eye —see, “feel”, and be this awesome and most powerful mind/body/ universe functioning in harmony as one.  


Please think along with me now: “I AM a universal being, COMPLETE AND HEALED and united as one mind/spirit/body SELF sharing in the collective consciousness of a magnificent Creative Energy Force embodied in THE UNIVERSE. 

Now imagine the entire OUTER-WORLD —Creative Energy Force—Universe, imploding BACK INTO YOUR MIND/BODY as rapidly as the perimeter of your mind’s body expanded into it.  

In you remains the objective observer  —a fragment of the creative energy force-hologram, appearing separate …  yet, in each of us, containing and reflecting the  whole.


 we can’t change the world FROM out there, but we can change our VISION.  

INNER WORLD – our vision projected OUTER WORLD –  our body is part of the OUTER WORLD.


Many believe “the world is the cause and we are the effect.” But this is not true.  This is the victim mentality that does not empower us to change our circumstances.

Identifying with this way of thinking gives rise to thoughts blaming parents, genes, or any number of excuses.  Putting the cause outside ourself does the exact opposite of what is needed.  You give the world and everything in it the meaning it has for you.  You are not a victim of circumstance.

Our mind is the cause and our world, the effect.  This puts you back in the driver’s seat.  It’s what YOU did or didn’t do that is the root cause of all your problems.

 “Well, I didn’t cause all this pain and suffering, my backache, my arthritis, my heart disease; high cholesterol, low cholesterol, HCV. 

 I didn’t cause my own cancer!  I didn’t do that to myself, did I?”

Know you can call upon this power within you.  I remember when I was twelve years old and wanted to skip school.  I repeated my false evidence in an effort to make it appear real. “I got a head-ache. Oh!  It hurts… uh.” When I was ready to see, feel and be the victim, I called: …“Hello, I won’t be in school today.  I got a headache.  I think it’s a migraine!  Ohhh! …


While rehearsing, repeating and feigning the illness, I had unknowingly Visionized it. It imprinted.  By mid-afternoon that day, I was feeling guilty for perpetrating a fraud, followed by a pounding headache… Did I do it to myself?  And I realized, my thoughts affect how I feel.  This was the first time I became aware that my thoughts affect how I feel…

 Visionizing is conscious manifestation.  It begins with a vision.


When a Vision is imprinted with repeated emotions, it manifests.  The Creative Force is a neutral device.  It doesn’t distinguish between fantasy or reality, fears or desires.  AND it doesn’t recognize when we’re pretending or joking.  Once a vision is imprinted, it becomes a belief.

One is then acting on something concocted from within them.  Whether there is tangible evidence of this initially, there comes a time when the belief brings certain proofs of its existence externally.  But the source remains undisturbed within.  When one is able to address the underlying beliefs that are causing unwanted situations or scenarios, the direction automatically shifts and movement towards the new desired end is put into motion.

The imprinting is the union or uniting with ‘the light’ in the movie projector/creative force.  The imprinted vision and The Light, symbolic of the Creative Energy Force, co-create … manifestation.
Manifestation, that which comes into being, most often, takes place long after we HAVE forgotten the cause or that INITIAL imprinting. 

 So … what does all this mean?

 It means that today’s illnesses, challenges and triumphs are a result of our thinking, maybe 5, 10, 15 to 20 years ago.  It could go back as far as into our childhood and infancy.  Some truth-seekers think, past lives!

This self-aggrandizing ego/mind or shadow self, as Carl Jung would call it, uses all forms of fear, seduction and trickery to hold us in its false system of thought where separation from our Creator and each other manifests guilt, guilt demands punishment, punishment manifests fear, fear of punishment manifests masochism, insanity, and suicide.

So how are we going to get rid of all this ego-mind guilt, so it doesn’t drive us nuts!

 Our ego tells us:  “project it OUT … find a scapegoat!” [Our brothers and sisters] This is how HOSTILITY, prejudice and sadism are manifested.  

The ego/mind doesn’t tell us that when we project the guilt, it BOOMERANGS. 


INNER WORLD – project – OUTER WORLD – observe.  

This is actually the 2nd miracle provoking exercise.  

INNER WORLD – project – OUTER WORLD – observe. ( IWP-OWO)


Inner world … envy, greed, revenge.  – Project – Outer world … observe: HATE terror, war!  

INNER WORLD … specialness – OUTER WORLD: … sickness?   Time – Aging?  Aahh!  Separateness: … death?  Oh, no.  Get me out of here!  Help.  I’m trapped inside a human body! 

“What is the lesson or purpose in all this?

Many truth-seekers INCLUDING the ancient Egyptians, and more recently Scientists at the cutting edge tell us:    we are not this ego/mind body!  It‘s an illusion, the figure in the dream, as Freud would say. 

If you are in your ego/mind/body, as most of us are much of the time, guilt and fear will surface.  They’re merely ‘manipulative me’ ego attack thoughts that pop into our mind like unworthiness, arrogance, lack, jealousy, anger, revenge, envy, lust, greed, illness and death.

Our fragment of the creative energy force – objective observer —self has the power to ‘clear’ these ‘ATTACK’ thoughts by REPLACING them with universal/mind thoughts of ‘oneness,’ with each other and all creation; “wholeness” – meaning free of all guilt; “abundance,” free of all lack; and “immortality” – free of all fear INCLUDING THE FEAR OF DEATH. 

Our fragment of the creative energy force or what we experience as an—objective OBSERVER inner self chooses, and it is a choice, to be in the universal mind THOUGHT SYSTEM OF ONENESS OR in this ego/mind THOUGHT SYSTEM OF SEPARATENESS. We can’t be in both at the same time. ONENESS – SEPARATENESS.  Like lightness and darkness, one cancels the other out.

It is this choosing that will determine whether the visions imprinted in our creative force will be the ones, to manifest pain, misery and poverty, or, healing, prosperity and miracles. 

 “A Course In Miracles” confirms that the outer world is our illusion, not our Creator’s.   

But how is this helpful?  What does it mean?  …

It means that: IN EACH-AND EVERY ONE OF US IS the power to create our illness/illusions, 

and also in EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US is the power to undo them —to overpower them.

But How?    HOW CAN WE USE THIS ancient wisdom to MAKE MIRACLES HAPPEN?

Philosophers, historians, avatars, theologians, psychologists and now scientists on the cutting edge tell us the great secret —

We move in the direction of our most dominant imprinted thoughts. 


We move in the direction of our most dominant imprinted thoughts!  Visionizing is what makes simple or fleeting thoughts dominant.

So —let’s do it.  Lets put it to the test… 

In this 3rd miracle provoking exercise we’re going to create a vividly clear mental emotion picture of the resolution to any PROSPERITY challenge you wish to focus on.   

  It could be any situation, personal relationship or feeling, which makes you better off.  Having peace of mind, A DEPENDABLE loving FRIEND, a comfortable home, the resolution to a health challenge, OR even having A peaceful, painless and sudden transformation.  If the resolution to your prosperity challenge HAPPENS TO BE MONEY, then whatever amount is enough for you! 

Every time you see “$10 million,” you picture the resolution to whatever your own personal challenge may be.  

The process is the same.

Remember:   ‘$10 million!’   You  visionize the resolution to your own personal challenge.  Always focus on the resolution … not the problem!

 Because recognizing our relationship with our Creator is foremost, ‘see, feel and be’ your universal objective observer spirit self [like in the first exercise]. 

Now, visionize a healthy universal you with your “$10 million”— doing or having whatever prosperity means to you.  Forget about any lack now.  See, feel and be, the healthy prosperous you. 

Enjoy your vision along with me now:  I have $10 million, $10 million …  A KIND & LOVING FRIEND $10 million … PEACE OF MIND.  I HAVE $10 million…. $10 million, $10 million right now!  See it, feel it ….

It’s okay to have fun … and why not?  You’re in the process of using a visionizing thought process that works!  If you do it right.       Just repeating the ten million dollar words is not visionizing! 

You need to focus on the desired result or resolution while simultaneously making a vividly clear mental picture of yourself already in possession of your $10 million.  If it’s optimum health include any health challenged organs, systems or afflicted areas – healed, healthy, whole and pain-free.  Forget about any ailments.  Visionizing® can stimulate the production of natural pain-killing endorphins.

Just think along with me…

We need to add an emotional component for the imprinting, so enjoy being’ this ten million dollar vision of yourself in the present POWER moment of now.  .   “I feel healthy, oh so wealthy!  It’s amazing how joyful I feel…”    SINGING, SMILING AND LAUGHTER ARE supportive healing-agents.

What else do you feel while visionizing yourself with your desired resolution … RELIEF? —gratitude maybe? Appreciation?  Sure! 

In your mind’s eye hold this picture of a healthy, prosperous and triumphant 10 million dollar appreciative and joyful you for the imprinting.

“Enjoy yourself —it’s greater than you think”

By starring in this vividly clear motion picture, you are putting the film, video or DVD into the ‘creative force to be illuminated by the light.  Your imprinted vision and The Light co-create … manifestation. Inner world —project — outer world —observe…

 Take a deep breath ….

Scientists have proven that this process of visionizing® or “realizing vision®” causes real biological-based events. 

 The repetition is what causes the neurons in our brain to form a network of neuron-tentacles creating a thought pattern, habit or imprint: DJZZ-DJZZ        Electro-magnetic impulses:  DJZZ-DJZZ. The brain imprinting our vision! DJZZ –DJZZ.

The emotional component is what triggers our internal chemical factory, the hypothalamus gland and other glands to secrete peptides that correspond to the companion emotion in our vision.

When our vision and corresponding emotions are simultaneously activated or imprinted by our visionizing, our trillions of cell receptors welcome the corresponding peptide-drug.  This changes the temperament of our body cells putting us on auto-control to attract whatever is necessary to manifest your present ten million dollar vision.  Please take a deep breathe.

It all sounds easy enough….  But most of us have doubts, guilt, fear or opposing past imprinted beliefs.  In other words, if subconsciously, you imprinted a belief that you are undeserving or unworthy of having whatever your vision may be it will surface to BLOCK this new vision from sustaining manifestation!  Visionizing is also a tool to over-power any harmful guilt-causing, past out-dated imprinted attack thoughts. I put together three easy to learn mind-healing steps to undo these blocks.

THE 3 EASY MIND—HEALING STEPS AND The THREE full-BLOWN MIRACLE—PROVOKING exercises ARE included in the MAKE MIRACLES HAPPEN book and audio book CDs. The one hour live presentation DVD and CD are important repetition to change thought patterns. They all contain decades of research on this healing and problem solving Visionizing process.  The information is available at no cost to you and your loved ones on this website!


 Taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions is the panacea for healing YOUR WORLD and the key to the resolution of all problems.

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