Blissful The Musical Drama

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Book, Music, & Lyrics By Peter Copani

An Unexpected Love Story.

BLISSFUL is the story of Richard Baer, a philanthropist, attempting to create a life of fulfillment in spite of all obstacles.  Believing his time has passed, Richard is preparing for his own demise until hiring Dan, a vibrant, personal assistant/companion.  Dan quickly becomes Richard’s protégé and, at times, each other’s mentor.  Life changes drastically when Richard intercedes in Dan and his fiancé’s sexual fantasies.  The result is a dramatic exchange and a fine balance between friendship, lust, betrayal, humor, love, and 23 inspiring musical numbers.

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Blissful Entertainment is excited to announce the coordination of a 29 Hr Reading this fall!!!  Davenport Theatrical is General Managing the Reading, with Eric Goldman as Production Counsel, and Daniel Goldstein as Director.