Make Miracles Happen

Imagine an abundance of healing experiences!

Discover your life solution to good health, financial prosperity, career advancement, happy relationship, and a variety of other desired successes to your overall lifestyle.

Realize your “wholeness” as you embark on an inspirational journey of getting to know, nurture, and re-create your inner self.


The book Make Miracles Happen by Peter Copani is about joining with the Creative Energy Force for the purpose of co-creating the resolution to your personal problems by imprinting visions.  This process is called Visionizing.

In Make Miracles HappenVisionizing will provide you with a key to conscious creation in your own life.  YOU WILL realize your own miracles.

How do Miracles occur?  If you’re ready to uncover the secrets to good health, financial prosperity, career advancement, healthy relationships, and other lifestyle changes, then Make Miracles Happen is for You.

Author Peter Copani analyzed his own life and researched the experiences of other truth seekers in order to shaare the inspiring story of how he beat cancer, advanced liver disease, conquered drug dependency, and became independently wealthy all through Visionizing®.  Blending Ancient Wisdom with Modern Scientific Research, Visionizing® incorporates Positive Thinking, Goal Setting, Affirmations, and Visualization to Empower You to Co-Create Your own Miracles.  Make Miracles Happen guides You to Self-Healing, Addiction Transforming Methods, and Providing Mind Healing Steps with Miracle-Provoking Exercises.

You Learn To:

Stimulate Creativity, Gaining Perspective on Inner Workings of Your Mind

Overcome Past Imprinted Obstacles in the Form Of Beliefs

Envision the Resolution to Health Issues

Resolve Prosperity Challenges

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