Peter Copani America’s Leading Playwright of the Streets

Playwright Peter Copani

Playwright, author, educator, speaker, and health consultant Peter Copani founded Peoples Performing Company, a group that produces the plays he writes about street life in New York. Mr. Copani also founded the JVPC Memorial Foundation for the Arts in 1995 in loving memory of his son, John-Vincent, who died of cancer. This charitable nonprofit raises money for performing arts production companies to enable them to continue to enrich people’s lives through their works. Peter Copani has raised almost half a million dollars since founding the charity, and that money has been distributed among a number of deserving New York theater groups.

Peter Copani’s book, Make Miracles Happen, aims to help people become healthy, triumphant, and prosperous through exercises and contains material gleaned from his personal experience, as well as scientific and medical research. In addition, he authored a bestseller entitled Peter Copanis Handbook for People in Search of Love, Money, Power, Happiness, Inspiration, Sound Health, and/or Peace of Mind.

As a playwright, Peter Copani has written, produced, and directed several works that have appeared at the Lincoln Center Out of Doors festivals, in public parks, as well as on the actual streets of New York. He has been called the Bard of the Street by the New York Daily News and the leading playwright dealing with the streets by The New York Times. Mr. Copani has received critical acclaim for his works and appeared on several radio and television shows, including a program on Voice of America and a New York State Education Department documentary. In addition, he has been featured in publications including Saturday Review and Newsweek. New York Mayor Abraham D. Beame presented Peter Copani with a New York Certificate of Appreciation for his outstanding contributions to the community.

 Peter Copani brings thought-provoking plays, lectures, and books that strive to raise the level of consciousness of viewers.


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