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Reviews, Quotes, and Recognition

“Peter Copani reveals an intuitive grasp of the heartbeat and idiom of the City’s Streets.”

—Mel Gussow, New York Times

“…Strong problem-solving ideas…In all ways wise, worthwhile, and winning!”



— The Village Voice

But perhaps the sharpest possibility of street theater in the festival…“The Blind Junkie,” a powerful, witty piece by Peter Copani, performed by a horde of kids of all ages, acting, singing, and dancing up a storm in their jeans, shirt-sleeves, tight dresses and sunglasses, and driven by a great soul-rock score… This show, with its bitterness, humor, and absolute wisdom about ghetto realities from cops to drugs to sex to welfare.”

—Jack Kroll of Newsweek Magazine

In the 1970s, Peter developed and conducted a special self-esteem building program for welfare recipients in New York City.

He has served as a Life Consultant to people from many walks of life for over two decades.

Mr. Copani has been awarded inclusion in The International Who’s Who Of Intellectuals as well as Men of Achievement in recognition of his distinguished achievements. He is also included in the Who’s Who in America: The Notable Americans of The Bicentennial Era edition.

Peter Copani has appeared on several television and radio shows in America.

He has been featured in news and magazine articles in the Saturday Review, New York Times, and Newsweek to mention a few.

He has been the sole topic of several radio and television shows produced by and for European television, including a Voice of America radio program aired behind the Iron Curtain and a New York State Board of Education television documentary.

Peter Copani’s Handbook, for People in Search of Love, Money, Power, Happiness, Inspiration, Sound Health and/or Peace of Mind is his bestseller. He has also written volumes on the teachings of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Pythagoras, has translated into form scores of plays and epic musicals, and has had between one and four off-and off-off-Broadway productions of his work produced each year for over a decade.

Peter has received international recognition and won several awards for his work as a playwright and social activist. His epic street musicals became known as American street theater classics, and he is credited with seven productions of his work performed at the Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors summer festivals in New York City.

Many people came to know Peter from what the media had to say:

The New York Daily News called him, “The Bard of the Streets.” Other media referred to Peter as “The Dean of New York Street Theater,” “the Richard Rodgers of Street Theater,” and “America’s Leading Playwright of the Streets.”

“Mr. Copani has been working successfully in street theater over the past few years as director, composer, writer, and den father, using as actors adolescents from some of the rougher neighborhoods in this city.”

—The New Yorker

“In New York, Street Theater has come into its own as a viable urban summer stock. This is a unique theater form with unique sounds, unique surroundings, and unique audiences. The musical ‘Street Jesus,’ which played throughout New York, has proved Peter Copani to be the classic playwright for street theater.

—After Dark

The press on Peter Copani’s Street Jesus production included the following excerpt from a New York Times editorial:

Street Action—“In one area in Brooklyn, where racial rioting occurred last June 23, Puerto Rican and Italian teenagers have been brought together as a theater company in an effort to alleviate the tension and instill understanding. The troupe, under the direction of Peter Copani and People Performing Co., travels the streets of South Brooklyn Park Slope spreading the theme of reconciliation.”

“Mr. Copani’s ‘Street Jesus’ was written for Puerto Rican and Italian Brooklyn teenagers to alleviate neighborhood tensions. And it did.”

—Florence Fletcher, The New Yorker

“Mr. Copani’s extraordinary gift for developing positive, artistic, and social events from potential community crisis by means of his distinctive approach to writing and directing young people, is certainly a talent and an achievement most worthy of recognition.”

—Gordon Braithwaite, National Endowment for the Arts

At the formal opening ceremony of the Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, Peter was presented with a city of New York Certificate of Appreciation by the Honorable Mayor Abraham D. Beame, which said: “In recognition of his talent in working with the city’s teenagers, his approach as playwright and director of young people developed a form that features community youths acting out real community problems. His creative success deserves the applause of all New Yorkers.”


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