Have You ever thought of the root word of politics. Polite. Right? But what does it mean? It seems being political is saying or doing, although most of the time it seems just saying, what is polite. But is being polite always “politically correct”?

Jacob receiving the blessing in the place of his elder brother Esau, touches on this subject. One interpretation speaks of Jacob’s ability to be correct when not being explicit, avoiding disclosing that he is not his twin brother. Isaac’s sight had dimmed and he was unable to tell who he would bless. However Rebeccah alerted Jacob in order to have the blessings placed upon the correct son.

You see Jacob was the wiser and yet he still retained the strength of his brother, who was a rougher hunter. So when Isaac says it is the voice of Jacob, but the hands of Esau, it’s an allusion to the star of David’s true meaning. That balance is a virtue. Having the full gamut of the divine attributes in perfect balance.

A balance of Loving Kindness and Severity/Strength. One of Understanding how to apply wisdom. One of humble Majesty with each Victory. These qualities were more balanced and present within Jacob as compared to Esau. Their twin status is an allusion to this perfect union. And when Jacob assumed the position we are seeing the balance of these seemingly polar opposites become One which is the essence of All.

So what does this have to do with politics. Sometimes in order to achieve the ultimate goal, there must be some politeness of Jacob with the strength of Esau. This is a characteristic we should seek with any elected leader. When conveying a message, we must seek the Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge to speak in a way that brings the deeper truth to light. Using the level of Understanding that the audience is capable of perceiving.

King Solomon was a Master of explaining deep concepts in a way that any could comprehend. Starting from the lowest possible level then working His way up until he approached the pinnacle of the comprehension at that time for any one group or individual.

So when we see these politicians of today. We must assume their intentions are true. Give them the benefit of the doubt. After all, when we believe we can know a man’s heart, we may be disappointed to find, it is highly unlikely. The Source has the balance in check at all times. What scales It is using is esoteric for sure, but we can rest assured there is a Power Above All that, when we allow It, Reveals All. And That Revelation is Assured.

Stay centered in This Knowledge and this Political season will be one of Union, not division. A Balance of Individuals is crucial in This World. Because there are few and far between who has perfected the harmony of the attributes we seek. But, In Time, All Things Are Revealed To Be For The Good.

Giving is Receiving

We have all heard that giving and receiving are one. But is this really the case?
Have You ever found Yourself doing for others when You didn’t have the ability to do so Yourself? Or offering encouragement when You really didn’t fully invest in what You were selling?
But didn’t You also come to find that after Your encouragement, You were strengthened? Your seemingly shallow act of kindness turned into something more? Your words or actions worked for You as well? Even convinced You of something?
This is what Giving is Receiving means. When we are able to get “outside” ourselves, we find that the strength actually comes from within. Extend this Love, The Source of Life, and increase its presence. This Love is always here. The feelings from these words You are reading now have become action. These words are a source of life. The fountain from which all springs flow. But until it is revealed, it lays dormant. Today is our chance to reveal that divine spark through our actions.
How does this work? At some level, a decision was made to change the current situation. But it doesn’t just stay a thought or decision, we then act upon that feeling and shift our perception through our actions.
Decide today, “This is the day. The only day I have. For it is Always Here and Now. There is no other time. A day to share the gifts and blessings I have with whoever I come in contact with. Through my actions and interactions, I will make this world a better place by just being in it.”

The Highest Form of Charity

Incorporating and encouraging each action we take to bring about a change, we progress.  Waiting on others, we lose our ability to affect a change.  Also, serving, a greater good with others, as a whole, brings the people together which is what we need most in the world right now.  That we may all unite to bring about and finally realize the reason we came to this earth in the first place.  To reveal the divine presence Here and Now.

When I say unite, I am not talking about everyone giving up their own beliefs and values and trading them in for another.  Uniting means coming together as a human race.  Accepting the diversity and differences in opinion while sharing one common thread.  That we are all of the same source.  And if we want others to allow us to be who we are, as long as we are not harming others, we must also allow others to be who they are.  Accepting them as they are.  Whatever that may be.

When we do this, giving in order to just give, we have reached the pinnacle of existence.  G-d’s act of creation is the highest form of charity.  Removing our ego is how we operate from a higher place, with higher motives, which we should all appeal to.  Focusing on what I am doing, bringing about a greater good.

I Remember…

I remember when I first started working seriously towards my goal of insulin independence. And although there have been ups and downs, once I set my sights on a cure, I have steadily moved in that direction. I have tried everything from acupuncture to acupressure, reflexology, homeopathy, naturopathy, ayurvedic medicine, meditation, chanting, prayer, and a everything else under the sun. But until I actually believed wholeheartedly in what I am doing and that I am closer to a cure Now because of the actions I am taking Now, I was stuck.

We must let go of any thoughts or feelings that hold us back from our dreams. Anything that we are clinging to, whether it be a thought, an outlook, a habit, a friend, an experience, or even a smell. Removing all obstacles in our vision puts You where You want to be. And when You begin to fully engage in Your goal(s), thinking, saying, and doing the things that are in agreement with those goals, it is only a matter of time before You arrive.

A Miracle is a shift in Perception according to A Course In Miracles and a shift in perception saves time.  A Miracles saves the time it would have taken me to heal or reach whatever goal I have set.  A Miracle brings the Future  and the Past Here and Now and unites them in This Moment of Gratitude for what we have.  Being Grateful for something Now brings it to this present moment.  It may not seem so at first.  But when you really immerse yourself in the feelings of Gratitude The Universe brings the vision You are holding closer to You until You can actually see it.  Most of the time realizing what you sought was always Here with You.

Try It Now.  Take a deep breath, close Your eyes and clear Your Mind.  Now envision yourself what, where, and how You want to be.  Invoke some emotion Now and put as many details as You like.  Mine is me standing on a cloud, in white light, with the brightest white light radiating out of my chest.  And I am healed.  I am free.  I am grateful.  And there is a deep yearning, like a churning, a good churning in my chest.  One of Love and Light that not only has healed me, but the world.  And the feeling is one of contentment.  Of Peace.  The feeling that everything is going to be and is OK.

This is what a Miracle is.  This very perception embodies what it takes to realize Your vision(s).  I am grateful for my Health and Wellness, for all the people in this world and what I may learn from them.  For we are all Miracles.  Now and Always.  Thank You for Your part in this Miracle we call life.  Love and Light – Brock

Tough Times

There are times in our lives when we think nothing could possibly go right… But then something happens and we realize that there is hope and we move into the light. It is at the precipice of whatever we’re going through that we change. When we know we can’t go down that road any longer.

Change comes with our decision to be The Change. In order to change anything we have to be willing to become that very change we seek.

Our current position is based on decisions we’ve made in the past. And the future is based on what we do now. When you can see Yourself where, how, or what You want to be, and be grateful for it Here and Now. You have gained momentum to get Yourself there faster than You might think. The stronger the emotions associated with that Vision, the closer the manifestation of It.

If You want something, you must be willing to give it. You get what you give. Know that within You is everything You will ever need.  And that is Your emotions.  Your emotions are what propel Your dreams, Your life.  That is all that exists. Because how You are feeling is what You will experience it is all You will see.  It is up to You what You to see. Come into the light Now and live your life.  For in so doing, You see Your True Self, knowing it was Your Choice.

The Source


I just got off the phone with a friend who was reaching out to share their experiences with the mind/body connection and how it has become an important part of her life.  She had started working for a company that focuses on the ability to bring about a positive, more informed audience.  She had went to a conference where there were presentations emphasizing the ability to use the focus of intention to propel ourselves into the direction we choose.

Something she said that gave me goosebumps was, “Your why should make you cry.”  By cry, of course, we are speaking of tears of joy.  Being moved to the point that you are given the momentum to start in that direction.  This statement is the basis of all motivation.  Robbins says, not only must we know what we want, but even more importantly, why we want it.  It’s the why that inspires us.  In order to change my life, I must first determine what it is that I want.  Then, most importantly, why I want it.  And lastly, how I am going to achieve it.

If we are going to make a lasting change we must know what motivates us.  And it is the why behind anything that gets us moving.  I remember when I was a Freshman in high school, the year I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I asked my doctor how I could gain the weight to play football.  I was a little underweight to play football and I wanted to bulk up so that I could compete as I had fallen behind physically at puberty.  And I’ll never forget what she said to me.

“Brock, some people are meant to play football, and some people are meant to play soccer.”  I knew what she meant.  I just didn’t have the physical make up to play football.  And that moment had a profound impact on the next four years of my life.  Her words had inspired me prove her wrong.  To overcome that stigma and to make it happen.  Unknowingly, she had helped me find the fuel that I still use today to drive myself towards any goal I set.  And in three years I doubled my body weight from 95 pounds to 190 pounds.  All with the decision I had made coupled with the why I wanted to gain that weight.  Now there were other motivating factors as well.  Such as the respect I thought it would earn me in the locker room, the bullies stopped messing with me, and I felt so much better about myself overall.  All of these contributed to the force that I united with to make that dream come true.

Now, years later, I am able to use these tools that I have learned over the years to set goals and achieve them.  So whenever you are ready for a change:

  1. Decide – What You want
  2. Determine – Why You want it
  3. Do – Whatever it takes

These Three Steps will give you the impetus to gather strength on your journey.

Love and Light



Watched a great TED Talk by Seth Godin here discussing a great topic that is being addressed in the field of education.  In it, Seth asks the question: What is school for?  Explaining how education had equated learning with work, an aversion for many.  When learning is approached and seen as an art, the response is one of doing more and allowing the student to explore and come to their own conclusions.

Topics discussed include:

Online lectures in the evenings to explore subjects and using class time to ask questions.

Allowing books and notes to be used at all times with the idea that if something is worth memorizing, it is worth looking up, which is convenient now with technology.  And if it is that useful, over time it will be memorized.

Access to any course, anywhere, anytime.

Precise, focused education instead of mass batched material.

No more multiple choice.

Cooperation instead of isolation.

Experience instead of outcome.

Teachers transformed into coaches.

Lifelong learning and early work experience.

He also brought something to my attention that I had no idea about.  He spoke of the benefits of devices called and arduino and raspberry pie that are about half the size of a cell phone that have a complete Linux Operation System, USB Port, Audio Out, and Monitor Port that can revolutionize education as we know it.  When we put these tools in front of not only children but people all over the world allowing them access to the world wide web of information, we encourage people to create, explore and make the world a better place by being themselves and cultivating their own unique gifts and talents that we need today.  Realizing that we all have something to contribute when given the opportunity to discover it.

Really a great talk by Seth Godin and I recommend everyone have a look see.

His blog is also wonderful.  Check it out here..


Today, I asked myself.  “How long is it going to take for me to heal?”  I started following this line of thought, and then I realized… I was asking the wrong question.  If assume that it  takes long to heal or change, then I won’t see the opportunities to heal sooner. However, if I ask myself the better question I am more likely to get a better answer.

Tony Robbins talks about being the why guy. He is always asking questions. And what he wanted to know from an early age was what makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives? I find myself asking similar questions. Not only am I seeking to heal from an “incurable” condition, but I am making the decision and committing to a whole new way of life. That’s what it takes to make a lasting change.

We must bring ourselves to the point of no return. Choosing our words and thoughts carefully. When we reach the point where we have had enough, that is when real progress is made. Breakthroughs. And so now I ask a new question. One that brings me to the result I seek sooner.

But then I thought to myself, I know what I want. And if I am grateful for it now my body responds as if it has already happened. I had asked myself a question and then came up with an answer. Isn’t the best answer? Maybe. Maybe not. And I am always open to suggestion if it brings me closer to understanding myself and others. But I’ll tell you what. The more focused I get on what I want I realize I already have it. It is within me. Here and now. And for this I am grateful.

And so when you find yourself asking yourself questions and maybe not getting the answers you like remember that the answer is always within the question. And that was a little forethought you can put yourself in the state where you want to be. If there is something in your life that you need right now. Take a moment and think of how grateful you are, how grateful you would be if you were in that position. When you are grateful the vision of what you are grateful for comes into focus. You are able to see it. Truth be told, it was waiting for you. Ask and you shall receive. Be grateful and you become a magnet. The most powerful magnet in all existence. All is with in us we must simply call it forth.